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How important is the practical education rather than theoretical education?

Practical education vs Theoretical education

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We know that education is the stepping stone for us to lead life. It is not only with the Academicals study but with that we need to take care of the real life study the practical study.

Now the academics or the today’s education is like the business they are making money by producing the students who can’t cope up with the competition and be failing to win their life’s battle. They are getting confused about choosing a career, what to choose? What is the right path for them to lead? DO you know our India is producing the largest number of engineers who are excited to start their career with enthusiasm, with courage but at some point they will get exhausted they lose their stamina, keep on complaining about the things, they are already caught up into a trap called bucket carrier?

We are bound with the fact with that if our percentile is less we can’t survive, but the story behind getting highest percentile is mug up. Here am not questioning the ability or the IQ of the students, in fact, we have the extremely talented students. No doubt about that. But we lack with the type of education we get, the quality.

Yes! You heard it right I am talking about the quality of education we have in India. In the other countries, they don’t have exams until we enter to class V which is primary level.They just teach them about the behaviour and to be ethical or how to be socialised, which our youth doesn’t know exactly. We do have a moral education but with that, we need to read many a thing which gets stuffed into our tiny brain. They just communicate with the people to whom they interact daily or only with the few people. 

Let me share the 5 reasons of which we feel how important the practical education is

1. No need of mugging and memorising

No mugging or memorising

Some people born talented who can memorise at a glance, but don't be a bookworm, think innovative and learn practicality which saves time with that you doesn't need to cram and stress your brain.

2. Develop a better understanding

Better understanding

It improves the understandability of a person.When we only learn concepts we don't understand deeply, when we apply it in reality i.e practically, we definitely understand it better.

3. It improves skills


It improves the skillset, when we do training exercising, innovating new things all the practical knowledge which can only be achieved with applying theory practically.

4. It is more interesting and easy

Study is Interesting

When we do lab and experiments, how we get excited and interesting but when we listen to some history or some theory classes we do get bored. What I meant to say is, it makes us curious and interesting so as to understand it easily.

5. Can motivate teamwork

Teamwork motivates

In a practice session or when we discuss with friends and teachers it would do wonders with giving insights with everyone's site. you will get the concept very thoroughly when u discuss.I do remember the previous day of the exam, it really would help you grasp the important points and you understand it truly at that time.


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