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Are we getting Quality of education or only quantity?

Quantity or quality


The education we are getting is knowledge based or quantity based? Are we getting the quantity of education or only the quantity? We need to analyse deeply, we need to have dig into it.
According to my knowledge we are only getting the quantity of education. Our system lacks education in quality.

However we are bound with the facts that if our percentile is less then we can’t survive, but the story behind getting highest is mug-up the quantity of what we have mugged it. The more we mug up the more chances of highest marks. Here am not judging the IQ or knowledge of students, in fact we have the extremely talented students ever. No doubt about that.

Am talking about the education we get, am talking about the environment we are getting to acquire knowledge, we don’t have any exposure towards the ongoing things outside the class, school, college, region, state, country and world  and so on.

In other country they don’t have tests or exams until they reach to their higher primary level (class 5). They will just teach by their teacher about how to behave?  How to tackle real life problems?
How to get rid of the real life situation? How he/she can get exposure to the real world? And they will most importantly try to build the confidence and self- esteem, which is now a days very important in which we lag-off.

We even have one subject called value education, it teaches us the behavioural pattern and the values and ethics with that we do have many a subject and exams and grades, we will be warned by the words like if u get good marks and good grades you will be promoted to the higher level, if you fail to this you will be continued with the same class as considered failure, and that particular student will go to some lower sections like c or d, which even lowers the confidence and the interest of the students in studies. 

They will be treated as prisoners who are dull, not eligible or not capable to sit with other intelligent students. But with my experience those are the students who will achieve something or anything in future. But with that situation some will go in depression, they do undergo the teasing of their classmates or other students, and the scolding and stricter teacher and parents. This may lead some very critical problems and mental issues, the student has to fight with themselves to come out from the depression, it’s horrible.

The students in private institute are treated as factory workers where they need to do homework, classwork, handwork and hard work, even after doing that also they can’t be able to tackle or face the exams which the institute itself will decide and they will be provided a manual for the exams which is a short notes and covers all the syllabus, if you do that you will clear the exam. Awesome, isn’t it?

This is how the students getting spoiled by giving spoon feeding activities, which might affect in future. They will be trained as the horses, who just see what the rider want to show or what the rider what it to see? It just follows the instructions given by the rider, not what it wants to see, It really doesn’t know anything like where it is going and where to stop? It just has no idea; in the same way, our students are, they will be controlled and instructed by the teachers and parents.

These private institute and public institutes will insure at the initial step when the student is getting admitted, that they will provide all the facilities like stationary, cloths, transport facility, and extra classes like tuitions etc. but by charging extra, this shows they are making education as business.
With all this facility also he/she may fail. Because we need to have 100% knowledge base education, but the only focus of the institute is to grab money and students, the more the students the more the money comes.

If this is the situation of the institutes with the latest technology equipped and fulfilled with the resource, then what about the government schools and colleges? Where they lack in resources, place, no equipment, not much exposure to the reality, but they sometimes get topped. I mean to say is intelligent students with interest and curiosity to learn new things can learn anywhere without any resources and systematic way of study.

Small story:

Recently in some article and in news I have read that a village girl who is poor and does all her home-works and homeworks too has secured 1st grade but comparatively the urban girl/boy might not get good marks, but she has all the resources, materials and experts guidance high class teachings but she dint get through, why? What might be the reason? Was it because she was unable to meet the requirement like what she needed or how she needed to be prepared? Did she fail in preparation? Or did the teachers fail to prepare her?  It’s all unclear.

There should be a standard and quality of education, the planned strategy and the dynamic ability of teachers where they need to mould with each and every student’s because teachers are the creators and the god for the students. The quality of education lacks in India as Charles Murray says in his Real Education.

Conclusion: Back to the Reality

We need to change the way the schools do business. We also need to redefine educational success.
My targets are not the usual suspects. I do not inveigh against high dropout rates, low test scores or obdurate teachers unions. My indictment is much broader. The education system is living a lie.


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