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Importance of practical education over theoretical education.

What is the importance of practical education rather than the theoretical education?

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Education..! Education..!! Education..!!! everywhere in everything.. in everyone… in a different way... Through a different means.

Everyone needs the education to survive, to lead a good life, to earn a good job and a good position.But what if? we didn't get a proper way of education?? it would be tragic.

As a student, I want to share some real and the more saddest part of our education system, we are in a digital world and the country and the world is progressing in a drastic way, but we still are in an old school syllabus, where we need to mug-up the whole syllabus, we need to memorize the whole information, just to pass, if and only if we need good grades in the exams.

But here I would like to tell what we are going through, Right from the starting of school, with a first teacher who we believe is a mother and till our college level, we are made to read and read only to get good grades. what about the knowledge? DO we lack? yes, we do lack in digging the valley of knowledge, but.. this we will be analysing and getting realised later at the stage of getting a job or leading further life, at that time we start feeling, oh..! I would have generalised the topics and the concepts when I got the chance.

But when we start realising, whatever we have had got to learn so far and have spent many years, those are just the basics things which helped us to go further. but at the same time, we need to know about the value of knowledge, we cannot mug it up, we need to earn it. 

It happens only when the root cause of the teaching goes well.We need to change everyone's mind, of getting only good grades and the most fearful thought of examination.And we need to change the present education system, where we lack in practicality we do get only the theoretical knowledge, which really keeps us secular from the actual experiences because of we only emphasis on the theories, which are someone's inventions.We can't always use theory over reality.

For education to prepare children for meeting their life realistically, it should encourage them to learn from life itself and to view a body of knowledge that has been passed on unquestioned from one generation to the next.

Competition needs to be there and it is must, but not with the cost of stress to giving up if we fail to give our best and also, with that we need the education which will help us in every aspect of our life. So that we can only focus on our goals, focus on our aims, which only happens if we emphasise on practical or real education rather than the so called traditional or theoretical education. Which relates us to the real world.

Hence we need practical education not merely theoretical education. 

Tune up, and follow my posts until we all reach out the desire of education.


Anita Kadam

I am a webbloger who says i will write a book one day..!

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